Proudly Made in England Since 1995

Thanks for stopping by. At Atkin Guitars, we’ve been hand building acoustic guitars at our workshop in Canterbury, England for twenty years, and I’m proud to say our 2018 guitars are the best we’ve ever made. Already this year, we’ve added a new member to the team, made a guitar for Robert Plant, and launched the Essential D and Essential OM.

The Essential series feature hand-scalloped bracing and tap tuned tops, with thin-skin nitro finishes with just a hint of ageing. We’re regularly told that these guitars look and feel like 50, 60 or even 70 year old instruments that now cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Each Atkin guitar is handcrafted from solid woods by a team of four, then painstakingly finished and set-up to perfection. We hope the unsurpassed tone, look and feel of an Atkin will become part of your act.

We Make Wood Come Alive

Every Atkin guitar is voiced to be responsive and musical - from rich bass notes to singing trebles. The heart of that voice is the top and bracing - it's where the wood truly comes alive.

We select the best spruce tops and then we bake them to permanently crystallise the resin structure - making them more stable and more responsive.

Each top is then braced using patterns inspired by the best examples of pre-war guitars, building on nearly 100 years of tradition.

Two Great Finishes

We’ve been pioneers in the art of acoustic finishes for years, making guitars that feel warm to the touch, whilst letting the sound of the instrument come through.

We offer two finishes, Aged and Mirror. Each has it's own unique Nitro Cellulose lacquer.

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Made to be played, now more than ever

From the advanced fretwork to our "fits-like-a-glove" neck shape, each guitar is made to simply melt into your hand.

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