The Team

Atkin Guitars has a highly skilled team with a wide range of expertise. The way we build guitars allows individual luthiers to concentrate on separate areas of the process. From wood selection, top and back jointing, bracing through to finish and setup.

As we’ve grown so has the team. This means that we can design and build every part of our guitars in house, enabling us to keep a close eye on the quality and consistency of each guitar as it moves down the line.

We love building guitars! We hope you love playing them!

Alister Atkin

Favourite Atkin Model: D37
Favourite Tonewood: Sitka & Indian Rosewood
Favourite Finish: Super Thin Aged Nitro
Alister started listening to and playing music from an early age and grew up in a family with a strong musical background. He played guitar in local bands with his brother who played the drums. Alister is a huge fan of the 60's and 70's songwriting movement, which has gone on to inspire him to build his own brand of acoustic guitars. Alister says, "it's all about the songs, and the stories, the guitar is a vehicle to get those messages across. That's why we make them."

Ciaran McNally

Favourite Atkin Model: LG47
Favourite Tonewood: Madagascan Rosewood, Walnut and Sitka Spruce
Favourite Finish: Mirror Gloss Natural
Ciaran made his first guitar at age 16 on the kitchen table. He studied Guitar Making to diploma level at schools in Belfast and London. He also has qualifications in Accounting, Management & Leadership, and 3D CAD. He spent 3 years as a Senior Craftsman at a premium guitar factory in Northern Ireland and 3 years as Production Manager at a Coffee Roasters in Belfast before joining Atkin Guitars. He's generally obsessed with guitars, coffee and spreadsheets.

Danny Martin

Favourite Atkin Model: AA
Favourite Tonewood: Honey Coloured Rosewood
Favourite Finish: Natural
Danny has 12 years experience as a luthier. He has a Diploma in Furniture Making & Fine Craft and was previously a croupier and, briefly, an ice cream man.

Laurence Lock

Favourite Atkin Model: OO37s
Favourite Tonewood: Koa
Favourite Finish: Tinted Aged
Laurence is a Licentiate of London College of Music. He has spent 15 years gigging and teaching music. He has spent many years providing guitar setups and repairs, skills which he has now brought to Atkin. He also continues to play on the local music scene.

Chris Kingman

Favourite Atkin Model: EOM
Favourite Tonewood: Flamed Koa & Birds Eye Maple
Favourite Finish: Aged
Chris graduated university with a BA Honours in Geography. He has a PGCE in Primary Education and an NVQ Level 2 in Carpentry. He's played guitar for many years as well as tenor sax.

Adam Whitaker

Favourite Atkin Model: D37
Favourite Tonewood: Walnut
Favourite Finish: Aged
Adam went to school in Canterbury and later studied Film, also in Canterbury. He got into woodwork, working as carpenter/woodturner. He has completed various commission works, most notably for Westminster Abbey. he considers himself a failed B-list folk musician.

Phil Meakins

Favourite Atkin Model: OM37A
Favourite Tonewood: Sitka Spruce
Favourite Finish: Aged Suburst
Phil made his first guitar aged just 14. He later attended London Metropolitan University (formerly The London School of Furniture) where he acquired a 1st Class Bachelors Degree in Modern Fretted Instruments. He has since gained 13 years experience in making & repairing guitars. He also worked as a cabinet maker for 2 years, all the while continuing to make guitars.

Join The Team

Atkin guitars are always looking for skilled guitar makers or precision woodworkers to work at our Canterbury workshop.  Candidates should have experience in some of the following areas:

  • Timber preparation and machining
  • Guitar parts production
  • Sanding and spray finishing
  • Fretting and set-up
  • CNC programming

Unfortunately we can’t accept applications for those without woodworking experience at present.

Please send an introduction or cv to: