Who Plays Atkin Guitars?

Graham Gouldman

Graham plays a ‘Forty Three’ which was comissioned by The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation. He uses the guitar for writing, recording and live work when he’s touring with 10CC and RIngo Starr.

Mishka Shubaly

Mishka is an award winning writer and songwriter. He plays a White Rice with a painted elephant on the front. This’s a copy of one of his tattoos.

Brad Paisley

Brad bought one of our White Rice guitars from Forsyths in Manchester. We hear he keeps it in his house and uses it to write everyday.

Amrit Sond

Amrit is a Grammy winning instrumental guitarist from London. He plays one of our ASJ models, check out this video.

Jim Moray

Plays an Atkin AA Rosewood & OM Deluxe


Plays an Atkin J45 and OM Rosewood Series