The Team

Atkin Guitars has a highly skilled team with a wide range of expertise. The way we build guitars allows individual luthiers to concentrate on separate areas of the process. From wood selection, top and back jointing, bracing through to finish and setup.

As we’ve grown so has the team. There are now 5 full time members of staff along with 5 regular part time specialists. This means that we can design and build every part of our guitars in house, enabling us to keep a close eye on the quality and consistency of each guitar as it moves down the line.

Whilst Alister Atkin is the founder and head of the company every one involved is encouraged to bring their own ideas to the group. We believe this ethos has made the company one of the strongest in its market.

We’re expanding!

Atkin guitars are always looking for skilled guitar makers or precision woodworkers to work at our Canterbury workshop.  Candidates should have experience in some of the following areas:

  • Timber preparation and machining
  • Guitar parts production
  • Sanding and spray finishing
  • Fretting and set-up
  • CNC programming

Unfortunately we can’t accept applications for those without woodworking experience at present.

Please send an introduction or cv to: