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This range of guitars has been directly inspired by our involvement with The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation. In 2014 we collaborated with artist Andy Howe to make a guitar for Paul McCartney featuring a painted cover. That guitar was a great success, and Paul treasures it to this day.

We went on to create two more guitars with painted covers, with Art work by Andy's wife, Jayne Howe. These guitars were built for Josh McClorey (the Stripes) and Elton John. Due to the high interest and positive reaction these guitars received, we decided to work on a larger collaboration.

We came up with 'The 12 Cities' project. We picked 12 cities that had a major influence on the history of rock and roll. Each guitar would be individually hand painted to reproduce the soul and spirit of the city and the music it inspired.

To date we've made four of these instruments - it been a great project and we plan to finish the run of 12 when we get a chance!