We offer two finishes, Aged and Mirror. Each has it’s own unique Nitro Cellulose lacquer. Nitro has been a favourite among luthiers for decades.

We love the way Nitro ages, it grows old gracefully and helps to tell the story of the relationship with your guitar.

The Aged Finish – We started to develop our aged finish in 2010. It was the result of an accident with one of our Buddy Holly J45s. The guitar got a bad scratch during the build so we thought let’s age it to look like Buddy’s original guitar. That guitar sold instantly so we built some more. We realised we were onto something when the Martin Custom shop bought one of our White Rice models. Although we started out making heavier relic versions, we soon realised most people like their guitar to look a little cleaner. So now we make our aged finishes look like a guitar that has been looked after since day one. Think of it like your Grandfathers prized possession. Each aged guitar has 8 coats of Nitro and yellowing tints. We freeze all of our aged finishes to help the check. The result being a super thin finish with grain sinkage. This is now the choice finish for 70% of our customers.

The Mirror Finish – Perfect Nitro Cellulose finishes are one of the most time consuming parts of guitar building, it’s an Art. We have been using Nitro since day one. I can’t tell you how many hours have been spent learning this process. We are lucky enough to be working in an age where lots of Luthiers are very happy to share their information and experience. Early on I remember walking round a show with Bill Collings looking at finishes, and he kept telling me, “Stick with Nitro, it’s the best”. Well I listened to Bill and all those other great makers and worked hard to nail it. Our Mirror finish is a four day process spread over three weeks. There are no short cuts, it just takes skill and patience. We are proud to produce top quality Nitro finishes and we hope you enjoy them every bit as much as we do.

We offer a choice of colour finishes on all of our models Aged or Mirror. We can match any vintage sunburst you care to choose.